What can I say about Chris Ferri / Ferri Fit?


First of all, I have no idea why he asked me to write a testimonial for him, as only a few minutes into my training session I feel absolute genuine hatred for the man.


He pushes, and pushes and pushes me to the point I can hardly breathe, or the burning in my arms is too much that I am seriously terrified to even think about moving them, again, ever! Then the workout is over, and he stands there grinning, full of praise, genuine praise, for the effort I’ve put in.


He turns my negatives into positives, never puts me down, and motivates me to keep going.


And I like him again.


I’m too self conscious for the gym, Chris works around me, and my lifestyle. He’s always at the other end of the phone. Training doesn’t stop after the workout, he’s always there, niggling, supporting, helping you to achieve your goals.


That’s why I keep going back.


Brian Thomson


For 2 months I had been working hard to lose weight and managed to lose a stone on my own, however I came to a point that the weight was just not moving and I knew I needed help or I would had gave up!.


A friend of mines had been going to Chris and is looking fantastic! And that point I thought I want to look like her. After meeting up with Chris I felt at ease and was happy that the training would be one to one with no one else watching so I would be self-conscious.


Chris works with you and targets the areas that you want to improve, I have used muscles that I didn’t even know I had! But each time I feel great and gives me the boost to keep on going, he also helps with what I should and should not be eating. If I hadn’t decided to go to Chris I would had been really stuck thanks to Chris I have now lost another 1/2 stone and he is always on hand when you need him.


If you want to take that 1st step in reaching your goal I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to help you reach your goals.


Hazel Stark

I decided I wanted to lose some weight, so I did what most people do and I joined a gym. I was going to the gym nearly every day, sometimes twice a day for about a month and to My dismay didn’t shift so much as one pound!


Something had to change so I began training with Chris; he took the time to find out what my goals were, took my weight and all my measurements and sorted out my diet. My main goal was to lose at least a stone which I lost in two months of training with Chris! I have


now reached my goal weight and still see him once per week, I find this helps knowing that I am going to see him on a weekly basis makes me more disciplined to keep my food diary and exercise and since I have met my original goals, I now have new ones.


I would never have lost that stone without Chris’ help and I cannot thank him enough, I have since shifted a few more lbs and toned all my target areas, my body fat has come down dramatically and I feel much fitter and feel more energetic. I have had before and


after pictures taken and the results show for themselves, I could not believe the difference in such a short space of time, I would recommend training with Chris to anyone who wants to lose weight, tone, get fitter, whatever your goal is he will definitely help you reach it!


Lindsey Morrison


I joined the gym in may 2012 after a pretty bad injury. Chris was allocated to give me my induction and create a program for me.


After a few weeks I asked Chris to be my personal trainer and started to see instant benefits. Sadly Chris left my Gym but I continued to train with him at another location. Within a matter of months I saw massive changes in my strength, muscle tone, fitness and reduced body fat.


Chris continually kept on top of my food diary and made sure I was eating properly and whilst training he always pushed me to the best of my ability.


Before Chris I had never really been confident enough to have a personal trainer as I felt they were always out to make money off you and not really help. Chris made me feel relaxed and completely in control of my training and got me great results.


I would highly recommend him to anyone and will continue to use him.


Paul Hastie


Brian Thomson Hazel Stark Lindsey Morrison

Chris started training me in January 2012 with a goal of losing weight and toning up for my wedding in August. I was nervous about starting training as I had recently put on quite a lot of weight and felt very self conscious going to the gym or even going out to try jogging. One of the best parts of training with Chris was how comfortable he made me feel, his manner is so relaxed and caring, I quickly felt at ease which made me able to throw myself into my training and not worry about how I looked. He genuinely wants his client to feel happy and get results for themselves; I often forgot that I was actually paying Chris for a service as it felt like I was meeting a friend to buddy up with to train.


Chris also educated me on nutrition and the importance of fuelling my body correctly for the day ahead and to help me with my weight loss combined with the amount of training I was doing. Chris, in his own time, made me several different diet plans and even called me as I went to the supermarket to answer any questions I had about the food I was buying! These behaviours he instilled in me have stayed with me; I still follow the same eating plans and have looked into studying a nutrition course myself.


There were times when I struggled mentally if I had not lost weight or inches, but Chris really pulled me through, kept me motivated and inspired to keep fighting to reach my goals.


I achieved my goal of losing weight for my wedding, but mostly it was the inches I lost that were the biggest win for me. My wedding dress had to be altered by 2 inches on each side. I also lost 1.5 inches on my arms.


Chris was a guest of honour on my wedding day, even getting a mention in my Fathers speech! I would recommend Chris to anyone, he is a first class trainer, who really cares about people, he is knowledgeable, professional and one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I could not have achieved my goals without him.


Linda Crichton


Linda Crichton

Chris is an inspirational trainer who has bundles of patience; skill and understanding to you lose weight, which sent me on a road to a healthier lifestyle.


On the months I trained with Chris I was very pleased with my body changing shape, becoming more toned and my general fitness improve overall.


Chris’s sessions are not full of that ridiculous bullying approach to exercise, its fun and you learn something new at every session.


I would highly recommend him.


Laura Scott



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