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At Ferri Fit we are lucky to have our very own sports clinic which provides a wide range of services including sports massage, deep tissue aromatherapy, kinesio taping and dry needling.


You don’t have to be into sport or the gym to come to our sports clinic. We offer treatment for anyone and for a wide range of reasons. We can provide treatment for someone who may be in slight discomfort, as part of someone's training plan to keep their joints and muscles functioning properly, to help different medical conditions, for mobility, injuries and pregnancy. 

Each treatment is altered to suit the clients needs.

With our knowledge and understanding, we will carry out an initial consultation where we can plan and discuss the best and most beneficial route of treatment going forward.

I've got so much movement and a lot less pain in my shoulder!

– Liz Butler

Kirstin is our sports therapist at Ferri Fit.

Kirstin holds a diploma in sports massage, deep tissue, aromatherapy and is fully qualified in dry needling and kinesio taping. 


She treats clients who train in a variety of sports and has worked alongside dancers and artists performing at the Glasgow Hydro, as well as others who simply seek relaxation.


Kirstin regularly assists a wide range of clients, from those who are experiencing postural difficulties, lack of movement, chronic conditions to some who generally need to de-stress.


With her deep knowledge and understanding of different treatments, Kirstin will advise and create a treatment plan for each client, whether it is simply a one-off or requires more intense sessions.


Sports Massage

Great for:



Pain relief

Sports massage consists of a combination of soft tissue manipulation techniques that can be used to help improve performance and optimise recovery after training. Remedial massage uses deep massage and mobilisation techniques to achieve specific goals. These treatments are combined to achieve a variety of goals and can be beneficial for everyone. 

Dry Needling

Great for:

Pain management

Functional Intergrated Dry needling is used for pain management and rehabilitation this treatment is based on the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the body unlike acupuncture which is based on the Chinese technique of the meridians of the body.

Manual Therapy

Great for:

Loss of mobility


Manual therapy involves spinal and peripheral mobilisations with some belt work. These techniques would be used if the client is showing signs of loss of joint movement, pain associated with movement or pain associated with specific functional activities.

Kinesio Tape

Great for:



Kinesio tape helps those areas that need a bit of support and can hold those muscles in place while training, allowing the area to heal and gain better movement. It works by supporting the muscle or joint while lifting the skin allowing the blood circulation to increase and flow through the area supported allowing the healing process to begin at that area.

The kinesio tape, used by Kirstin at Ferrifit, has menthol properties which is highly effective for reducing any pain and inflammation.


Great for:

Long term

Between appts

Depending on the clients treatment plan, we can provide rehabilitation exercises to help aid your recovery and/or performance in training. Kirstin will talk you through each exercise so you will be confident to carry them out on your own.

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy
Shoulder mobility

Shoulder mobility

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Neck tension relief

Neck tension relief

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Hamstring stretch

Hamstring stretch

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I have attended 4 sessions with her this year, for treatment on various injuries & niggles. Kirstin listens to all my complaints ( and there’s plenty) and has then helped provide the required treatment each session. She spends time advising me on preventative exercises to ensure that I can keep up maintenance between session. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

My calves would twitch & cramp up even when sitting doing nothing (the result of old football injuries). I also had tight hamstrings & a sore back. I had a massage a few weeks ago & recently received dry needling. I can't thank Kirstin enough - even after 1 day the results are amazing. Last night there was NO DISCOMFORT OR TWITCHING and I did a full bootcamp with no sore back or cramping. 


Thank you so much to Kirstin Ferri for my super sports massage. Felt absolutely amazing after it! All tension relieved and feel good as new. Thank you so much. Will defs recommend


Got any questions?
If you are interested in any treatments from our sports clinic, please email and Kirstin will get back to you as quickly as possible!
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