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Alison - Member Monday.png

I’ve been a member of Ferrifit since February 2019 when I joined the Bellas Class. For those of you who don’t know, this is a very special class for women of the ‘Beautiful age’. Perfect for me, being in the menopausal stage of life. I loved this class and it’s where I found my confidence for the gym. The “girls” are all lovely, supportive and most of all, a good laugh. 

Caroline - Member Monday

I first contacted Laura about Ferri Fit MAWs class in July 2018 after having my second daughter Isla in the March. She invited me along to a class but I lost my nerve and didn't go along. I thought that everyone would be super fit and that their babies would be much better behaved than mine.

Jen - Member Monday

It was in Nov 2015 I first met chris when I was looking for a PT to help me get back into shape after cancer and all the treatment. My treatment had ended a week prior and he called me mental. I knew we would be great friends and we started PT sessions a week later.

Nicole - Member Monday.png

I first heard about Ferri Fit 6 years ago, when I was bouncing in and out aimlessly of crappy classes at my local council gym. It was actually one of the class instructors who signposted me to Chris. The reason he directed me to message Chris was for specific bootcamp training, because I had signed up to do tough mudder for charity - ALONE!