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M.A.W history

MAW class started in January 2017. This class started following the birth of our daughter, Sofia. My wife, Laura trained most days pre-pregnancy and was also a member of our bootcamp but after Sofia was born she found it difficult to return to the gym due to my long hours and we didn’t want to rely on babysitters. 

We decided to start MAW to help Laura and other mums who are in the same position to train together and to have their babies with them.  

We understand that taking the first step is the biggest step so if you have any questions or worries about starting please feel free to ask.

This is a great way for new mums to get back into exercise in a comfortable environment by instructors who know exactly how you are feeling.


All of our mums support each other and we feel we have created a welcoming environment for you and your baby.


To start our class, we recommend that you have permission from your doctor to train and should be around 12 weeks post-partum, although we have had mums start earlier who have recovered well. 


Our class is a mixture of body weight and weighted exercises. Each class is different and we do try to make it challenging. This is usually the first time our mums have trained since early in their pregnancy so we do make sure easier options are available and you are training as safely as possible.


We have a maximum of 12 mums at each class to prevent the class from being overcrowded and to make sure you we have time to correct each mums form.

1 per week

2 per week 





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I started maw bootcamp and even my partner said here we go again. I think I have been to every class, bootcamp and pt there is going. I never continue after a few classes and have never enjoyed exercise in my life!

I cannot recommend it enough! I look forward to the classes with a great bunch of women (with a wide range of fitness and baby ages) and a fantastic down to earth trainer. Can't wait to get booked into the next block and can for the first time ever I can see myself keeping it up! I genuinely can't thank Chris enough for these brilliant classes.

Also what they have done for my fitness, self esteem and confidence that had really took a dip post baby.

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